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Can you give me advice about my relationship?

Relationships Australia is an organisation committed to offering relationship support to individuals, couples and families. We also offer courses on various aspects of relationships.

Most relationships have issues at some point…

Everyone who is in a relationship or cares about their relationships may need assistance at some time to:

  • help them deal with problems or difficulties in a relationship
  • learn how to form or improve relationships
  • cope with a relationship that has broken down
  • help to change a relationship where there is violence and abuse.

There is conflict at times in every relationship that is important to us. Being able to handle conflict and deal with differences is important in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

People often get emotional and angry during conflict and when they see their partner has different values, beliefs or expectations. Between any two people there will be differences in ideas and expectations and, at times, conflict and strong expression of feelings.

Facing the challenges together…

Relationships can become stronger if we talk about our differences. We need to accept differences are always going to be part of the relationship and that issues might have a solution if they are discussed openly.

All couples experience problems in one form or another - it's part of sharing your life with another human being.  One of the differences between relationships that work and those that don't is how well couples deal with the challenges and problems they face in their life together.  Professional advice or extra skills can often assist.

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