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Developing positive and respectful relationships

Developing and maintaining relationships requires a life-long commitment.

Willing to work at having a good relationship?

The first step towards creating a happy, healthy relationship is your own willingness to work at it.  Many couples leave it until their relationship has started to fall apart before they consider doing anything about the difficulties they have.

The best time to learn relationship skills is at the start of the relationship. That way you can spend the rest of your relationship putting into practice what you've learnt - which means you'll probably avoid major relationship difficulties further down the track. But it’s never too late to start working on your relationships.

Good relationships are good for you

People in supportive, loving relationships are more likely to feel healthier, happier and satisfied with their lives and less likely to have mental or physical health problems or to do things that are bad for their health.

People in supportive, loving relationships help each other practically as well as emotionally. Supportive partners share the good times and help each other through the tough ones.

Breaking-up can be a health hazard

It often takes two to three years  or more for a couple whose relationship has ended to begin to put their lives back together again and to recover from their emotional pain and trauma. Many people can develop serious health and emotional problems during this time. Financially, many men, women and their children are significantly worse off, following separation and divorce.

This sections offers tips and information about relationships:

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