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How Relationships Australia could help you

Learn how to handle conflict more effectively and support you if violence is being used in your relationship

Everyone who is in a relationship or cares about their relationships may need assistance at some time to:

  • help them deal with problems or difficulties in a relationship
  • learn how to improve the relationship
  • cope with a relationship that has broken down
  • help to change a relationship where there is violence and abuse.

If you are having difficulty in resolving conflicts, and especially if there is violence involved, you can seek the professional assistance of a counsellor. Couples who are able to communicate effectively are more likely to be able to handle conflict constructively. A first step, therefore, might be to attend a course or workshop on communication skills in marriage or a relationship course for couples or parents.

Counselling Services

Relationships Skills Courses

Family Skills - Parenting Courses

Family Violence Prevention Services

Relationships Australia family violence services include:

  • Individual, couple and family counselling, and support.
  • Groups for people who have been violated or abused.
  • Groups for people who have committed violence or abuse.

See also

If you feel you are in danger call the police or a domestic violence support service in your state or territory.

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