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Relationships and the Workplace

Relationships at home and in the workplace can impact on each other.

The relationships we have in the workplace are a major part of our work. Not only do we go to work to earn a living and to take care of our homes and families, we also go to work for the social aspects of relating to other people.

When our relationships at home and work are going well for us we feel invigorated and alive: we like being at work.

However,the relationships between our personal/family life and our working life are two-way. Work related difficulties and stresses can affect our personal and family well-being just as difficulties at home can affect our performances at work.

The types of difficulties that people have that affect their work are very diverse. These can include:

  • Health related stress, smoking, alcohol and drug use
  • Crisis
  • Relationship conflict and distress
  • Parenting issues
  • Family violence - emotional, physical, sexual abuse
  • Separation and divorce
  • Rebuilding after separation
  • Loss and grief
  • Adjusting to life transitions - children leaving home, retirement, etc
  • Decision-making - home or work-related
  • Conflicts and stress with work colleagues - supervisor, employee work-mate, in a team
  • Sexual concerns
  • Problem gambling.

Relationship support in the workplace

Relationships Australia offers workplace services that can assist employees and organisations with issues that may be affecting staff morale and work performance. We can organise counselling and/or mediation, provide informative talks and run groups in the workplace, provide training for supervisors and managers, and tailored programs to meet your organisations needs.

Find out more about Workplace Services, including Employee Assistance Programs.

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