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Family Parenting Courses

Family skills courses are run for parents of young children and teenagers, and are designed to enhance family life and help parents feel more confident and secure about their parenting.

Becoming an effective parent does not come automatically.  You can learn some parenting skills and, with plenty of practice and experience, your confidence increases.  Parenting young children and teenagers is one of the most demanding jobs a person can do.

There is no simple guidebook on how to be a good parent, so parents are often left struggling, wondering if they are doing the right thing or whether they are being too easy on their children.

Family skills and parenting courses provide opportunities for parents to:

  • share ways of dealing with children which are effective
  • build confidence
  • develop and consolidate skills in listening to children, disciplining them and how to stop them fighting
  • discover that parenting can be enjoyable.

Parents who want to share withand learn from others the ups and downs of parenting young children and teenagers will find these groups of great benefit.  Participants will have the opportunity to develop friendships and establish a support group, which can be ongoing when the family skills education group ends.

Some courses such as 'Survival Skills for Healthy Families' and 'Growing Together - Parents and Kids' encourage all the family to attend.

Parents who have attended our courses say the encouragement and support they received from the facilitator and other parents was very helpful.

Click on your state or territory to find out which family skills and parenting courses are available in your area.

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