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Relationships Courses

Each state and territory has compiled its own set of relationship skills courses and seminars that are responsive to the needs of the community.

People participate in relationship courses and seminars to gain insights, knowledge, skills and understanding to enhance their relationships.  They also attend to get support and to explore similar relationship experiences with others and to hear from others about what works for them in their relationship.

All courses are run by qualified and experienced professional facilitators (group leaders).

Education plays an important role in assisting people to have more satisfactory relationships.  You can get positive, practical advice from experts and others about what worked for them in their relationships.  It can help people find ways of resolving problems and it can assist couples to feel closer to each other.  Education groups can play an important role in the prevention of relationship breakdown and education can also help people to let go of the past and to move on to a more satisfying future.

These courses assist couples and individuals to enhance and/or develop skills to increase relationship satisfaction.  Some of the groups are aimed at couples who are intending to marry or live together; other groups are aimed at couples and individuals who are in established relationships.  Some of the relationship courses are aimed at dealing with conflict or communicating effectively; others explore the important key ingredients in building a healthy relationship.

Separation courses

Courses are run for people who have separated from their partner or family and are wishing to explore the impact of the separation on their lives and looking towards the future.  They are also run to assist parents to build a secure parenting base after separation.  Groups are run for children to help them deal with their feelings and experiences when their parents separate.

Lifestyle transition

Courses are aimed at different life transitions, such as how to look after your relationship when you become a parent for the first time.  Others look at getting back in touch with each other when the children have all left home.  Retirement and grand-parenting have also become important areas.

Family and relationship skills courses in your state or territory

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