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More than 1,980 people responded to the Relationships Australia online survey in January 2017.  Around four in five survey respondents (78%) identified as female, with more females than males responding in every age group (figure 1).  Eighty nine per cent of survey respondents were aged between 20‑59 years, and almost 45 per cent of respondents comprised women aged between 30-49 years (inclusive).

As for previous surveys, the demographic profile of survey respondents remains consistent with our experience of the groups of people that would be accessing the Relationships Australia website.

There were no significant differences in the reports of male and female survey respondents on the measures of loneliness (see figure 2).

More than one-third (34%) of male and female respondents reported that they often felt like they lacked companionship, while just under one-half (43%) reported that they sometimes lacked companionship.

Fewer than one-quarter (24%) of survey respondents reported that they often felt left out, and an additional half (47%) reported that they sometimes felt left out (figure 3).


More than one-third (34%) of survey respondents reported that they often felt isolated, while around forty per cent (43%) reported that they felt isolated some of the time (figure 4).

There were small but non-significant differences between the reports of men and women of different ages (Figure 5).  These results contradict the findings of previous studies showing increased rates of loneliness for people of older ages.  This most likely reflects the small number of people from older and younger ages that responded to the online survey.

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