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Problem Gambling

Relationships Australia provides a range of counselling services and support to problem gamblers and their families.

Gambling becomes a problem if someone spends more time or money than they can afford to, or if it is having a negative impact on their relationships.

Assistance is available

If gambling is affecting your health and you are feeling anxious or depressed, or if gambling is negatively impacting on your relationships, help and support is available.

Relationships Australia has two specialist programs called Break Even and Gambler's Help devoted to problem gambling.  They provide:

  • face-to-face counselling services for people with a gambling problem and/or partners and relatives impacted by problem gambling behaviour
  • assistance in overcoming a gambling problem, like exploring the extent and nature of the gambling behaviour and the factors which trigger the behaviour or encourage its continuation
  • controlling gambling behaviour through strategies that minimise the harm resulting from gambling and strategies to avoid relapse into uncontrolled gambling behaviour
  • financial counselling, to address debts, cope with creditors, and reorganise financial affairs generally
  • counselling to address the underlying issues linked to gambling and the impact of gambling on relationships and family life and steps to relieve that impact.

If you live in one of the other states or territories, contact the Relationships Australia office nearest you to speak to a counsellor or to book a counselling appointment.

Queensland | South Australia | TasmaniaCanberra and Region | Northern Territory | Western Australia | Victoria

Telephone Counselling and Online Gambling Support

Visit Gamblers Help Online or ring the Gambling Help Line for a free 24 hour anonymous counselling referral service

  • Australian Capital Territory: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • New South Wales: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • Northern Territory: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • Queensland: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • South Australia: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • Tasmania: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • Victoria: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706
  • Western Australia: 1800 858 858; TTY 1800 777 706

Further resources

Online support for Problem Gambling

Information Pack for people seeking help on Problem Gambling (pdf) - provided by Relationships Australia (South Australia).

Problem Gambling Links

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