What is Canberra’s potential as a restorative city?

A 2-day workshop 22-23 February examining how restorative practices can be implemented in the ACT and other jurisdictions. Hurry book now!

What: ‘What is Canberra’s potential as a restorative city?’

When: 22-23 February 2018

Where: Hotel Realm, Barton ACT

Cost: $275 for 2 days, $200 for 1 day.

Who should attend? Senior executives and practitioners in the government, social services sector, education, justice and child protection sectors, NGOs working in the community and volunteer sectors, academics, community members interested in restorative practice.


The Canberra Restorative Community Network is seeking to raise awareness across government, the social services and mental health sectors as well as the broader community of the value and benefits of restorative practice approaches in Australia through a two day workshop.

A truly relational approach to education, justice and social care can significantly reduce the exclusion of children from schools, custodial sentencing, recidivism rates, numbers of children in care and numbers of families at risk and also achieve cost savings.

This relational approach to resolving conflict, based on the principles of restorative practice has transformed communities in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Key international restorative practice leaders who led the way in creating restorative cities in Hull and Leeds in the United Kingdom will be taking part in the workshop:

Nigel Richardson - former Director of Children’s Services at Leeds City Council.

Estelle McDonald, Head Teacher at Collingwood Primary School in Hull and a National Leader of Education in the United Kingdom.

Joanne Faulkner - the Family Project Lead for Hull Centre for Restorative Practice and the Hull Collaborative Academy Trust.

Paul Nixon - a leader in New Zealand’s approaches to social services and education will also be presenting. Paul is currently Deputy Chief Executive, Chief Social Worker and Director of Professional Practice at Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Children in New Zealand.

Saleen Tariq – Chief Social Worker, Leeds City Council.

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The Canberra Restorative Community is a growing network of practitioners, professionals, academics and others interested in expanding restorative practice across the Canberra community.


Contact: Lyn Larkin 0400 343 227  or llarkin@relationships.org.au


Registrations:  www.trybooking.com/TSJW