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Let’s Talk

A new initiative by Relationships Australia NSW can help older people and their families tackle challenging issues such as finances and living arrangements before it escalates into extreme conflict or even elder abuse.

The Let’s Talk Elder Mediation and Support Service was launched in Sydney on 12 June and is aimed at helping elderly people or anyone concerned about an older person in Sydney and parts of regional NSW.

“Family issues can arise at particular lifecycle points or be incremental in nature, with relationships deteriorating over a number of years as parents and their children age,” says Relationships Australia New South Wales CEO Elisabeth Shaw.

“Let’s Talk assists older people and their families to have difficult, complex and often unfamiliar conversations about ageing-related issues, managing conflict and making decisions that uphold the rights and wellbeing of the older person,” Ms Shaw said.

The service offers Elder Mediation where family members can come together to confidentially discuss these age-related issues, and other topics, if required, in a safe and private setting.

Relationships Australia NSW encourages all family members to attend or be represented during mediation, though any agreements reached are not legally binding, but rely on the goodwill of all involved. This ensures that individuals do not feel unnecessarily excluded.

Individuals or families interested in the service can arrange to have a confidential discussion with trained Relationships Australia (NSW) staff.

The Let’s Talk Elder Mediation and Support Service is available in Metropolitan Sydney, and regional NSW in the Riverina, South Coast and Bathurst and outreach. In Metropolitan Sydney, the service will be available to Mandarin and Cantonese speakers.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the service can contact Relationships Australia (NSW) on 1300 364 277 or go to

You can find more information on the service and view a video here.

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