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Training for our sector that makes a difference

The Australian Institute of Social Relations (RTO 102358) has released two new professional development online courses - Property Law and Practice Skills for Mediators and Working with Seniors – Safeguarding their Interests - as well as, due to demand, opened a mid-year intake for the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

Study to become a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Family Dispute Resolution or Mediation is a way of jointly dealing with the complex issues of children, finances, and property, when a marriage or long-term relationship comes to an end. This qualification helps professionals acquire knowledge of the legal principles underpinning mediation, and to develop the skills that support non-adversarial family dispute resolution.

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FRDPs) are qualified mediators, with the skills and knowledge to help separating parties make decisions that result from their situation. The Family Law Act 1975 requires separating parties to obtain a certificate from a registered FDRP before filing an application for an order in relation to a child under Part VII of the Act (which covers applications for several different types of orders relating to children), with the most common being applications for parenting orders. FDRPs also assist separating parties identify assets and debts and decide how they will be shared.

Andy, a practising FDRP at Relationships Australia says, ‘Being a FRDP is interesting, worthwhile, and challenging because you get to work with families to find the best solutions for everyone.’

The Institute helps prepare students for the FDRP role with 50 hours of mandatory work placement within the network of Family Relationship Centres at Relationships Australia.

Run in conjunction with Relationships Australia NSW Professional Training, the Institute offers small class sizes, a mix of face-to-face and online learning, and training facilitated by in-practice educators.

Enrolments are now open in both South Australia and New South Wales. Enrolments close Friday, 12 July 2019.

For more information on this qualification, visit:



Complete a Professional Development Courses Online

Continued education is valuable to the individual, the sector and to the clients we support. In April 2019, the Institute launched two new online professional development courses: Property Law and Practice Skills for Mediators and Working with Seniors – Safeguarding their Interests. These courses offer education in skills vital for mediators and workers in the sector.


Property Law and Practice Skills for Mediators

An in-depth, online education in property law and the property mediation process, which guides the mediator in all matters relating to screening, intake, assessment and agreements. Participants will gain or strengthen their knowledge about superannuation, trusts, child support, business valuating and more. For more information on this course, visit:


Working with Seniors – Safeguarding their Interests

Designed as an introduction to working with older people, this short course covers working with seniors across a range of program areas including mediation, counselling and case management.

Professionals will gain insights into legal, cultural, social and financial issues for older people, presented by leaders in the field. For more information on this course, visit:


The Australian Institute of Social Relations is the training division of Relationships Australia South Australia with over 20 years in delivering training.

Written by Deanna Rohrsheim, Manager Education & Training, the Australian Institute of Social Relations.

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