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Tip sheets

New parents

There’s arguably no event in life more significant than the birth of your first child. For many, becoming a parent can be a joyful experience, but it’s not without its challenges. Despite the number of resources, books and opinions on parenting, nothing can truly prepare you for how life changes.

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Blended families

Blended families can take on many forms but will typically include a couple and their children from previous relationships, as well as children they may have had together. Although not all family members may be related biologically, they can still form close, loving bonds and live cooperative and fulfilling lives together.

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Marriage Tips

This tip sheet is intended for people who are in healthy, loving, reciprocal and respectful marriages. Having a connected, happy and long-lasting marriage requires your continual willingness to work on yourself while courageously showing your vulnerability.

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Separating from a partner

After a marriage or significant relationship breakup it may seem as if nothing in your life is stable: your home, your finances, your routines can all be turned upside down. You may feel as if you don’t even know yourself anymore and be worrying about the impacts of the breakup on your children, extended family members and your friendships.

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Starting a new relationship

We know that a good partner in life can make all the difference to our feelings about ourselves and our overall wellbeing. That’s why we seek out relationships but what do we need to know when starting a new relationship so that it goes well? More importantly, how can we tell if it isn’t good enough?

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Empty Nesters

The natural transition period of children growing up, leading more independent lives and leaving the family home, can cause many parents to experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, loss of purpose and meaning, and anxiety over a child’s welfare.

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Ready for Retirement?

When approaching any significant change in your life, preparation can go a long way in ensuring you’re ready for the road ahead. Transitioning into retirement can be exciting but also stressful and confusing.

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