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Family and Relationship Skills Courses

Relationships Australia offers a range of family and relationship skills courses and seminars, that are responsive to the needs of the community. Different courses are available in each state or territory. All courses are run by qualified and experienced group leaders.

Relationship courses

People enrol in relationship courses and seminars to gain an insight and to increase skills to enhance their relationships.  They also attend to access support and to learn from others.

Learning relationship skills can improve communication and reduce relationship breakdown. It can also help people to let go of the past and move on to a more satisfying future.

Some of the groups are for couples intending to live together or get married; other courses are for people in established relationships.  The courses cover a range of issues including dealing with conflict, communicating effectively or building healthy relationships.

Family skills courses

Family skills courses are for parents of children and teenagers, and are designed to enhance family life and help parents feel more confident about parenting.

Family skills and parenting courses provide opportunities for parents to:

  • hear about effective ways of supporting children
  • increase listening skills
  • build confidence; and
  • learn about consistency and boundaries for children.

Parents who want to learn from others about the ups and downs of parenting children and teenagers will find these groups worthwhile.  Participants will have the opportunity to develop friendships and establish a support group, which can be ongoing when the family skills group ends.

Separation courses

Courses are available for people who have separated from their partner and are keen to explore the impact of the separation and look towards the future. They also assist parents to build a secure parenting base for children after separation.  Groups are also run for children to help them deal with the feelings and experiences associated with their parents separation.

Lifestyle transition

Lifestyle transition courses are also available in some states including: becoming a parent for the first time; older relationships; managing grief; retirement and grand-parenting.

Family and relationship skills courses in your state or territory

Visit your nearest Relationships Australia site to find out about the courses in your area:

Relationships Australia State and Territory websites