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Senior Relationship Services

Relationships Australia’s Senior Relationship Services assist older people and their families to prevent and resolve family conflict, have difficult conversations, plan for the future (including medical, health, financial and living arrangements), improve communication skills, make decisions that protect the interests, rights and safety of family members and reduce the risk of elder abuse, including emotional and financial abuse.

If families are given the support and tools to work together, overcome differences and respectfully resolve conflict, the interests, health and safety of their elders and other family members can be met and protected.


Senior Relationship Services work with all members of a family to provide:

  • elder mediation, facilitated family meetings and counselling to people with ageing-related family issues
  • case coordination
  • referrals to specialised support services
  • information and support groups
  • resources and tip sheets
  • training

Who can attend a session?

You can attend a service on your own, with your partner, as a family, or your children or parent(s) can come by themselves.

Attending a Senior Relationship Services is voluntary and confidential.

The decisions you make are not legally binding. If you would like to put your agreements in writing, your practitioner can assist you.

Our staff

Our counsellors and mediators have professional qualifications.

Staff providing Senior Relationship Services receive professional supervision and on-going training. They have also been trained in elder mediation and/or counselling.

How do I access services?

No referral is required. To find out about services in your local area, contact Relationships Australia in your state or territory by calling 1300 364 277.

You can download a copy of our Senior Relationships Services brochure here.


Getting immediate help

Call the national 1800 ELDERHelp (1800 353 374) line (freecall) to talk to someone about potential or actual elder abuse. This service provides information on how you can get help, support and referrals.


Resources for professionals

Relationships Australia State and Territory websites