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Previous research finds that…

  • shared social identity has a positive impact on work and life satisfaction because it serves as a basis for the receipt of effective support from ‘in group’ members (Cohen & Wills, 1985)
  • a sense of shared identity allows for members of disadvantaged groups to work together to buffer themselves from the negative consequences of their circumstances (Schmitt & Branscombe, 2002)
  • social identity loss (e.g. as a result of retirement, work restructuring, or illness) negatively impacts on mental well-being (e.g. Jetten, O’Brien, & Trindall, 2002)
  • psychological interventions that target the development and maintenance of social group relationships to treat psychological distress arising from social isolation have been found to improve mental health, wellbeing and social connection (Haslam et. al., 2016)

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