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Previous research finds that…

  • Holiday stress has been found to have a greater impact on lower middle income individuals. This group feels the weight of stress from work plus the seasonal rush to find time to get everything done. In addition, their worries about money are heightened by the commercialism of the season and the pressure to spend a lot of money (Bertold & Greenberg, 2006).
  • In a study of patients with a history of self-harm and partner relationship problems, patients showed a decrease in self harm 3 days before Christmas Day and an increase on New Year’s Day (Bergen & Hawton, 2007). meal
  • Specific behaviours that have been found to ameliorate loneliness for older people include utilising friends and family as sources of emotional connection and support, engaging in mealtime rituals as a means of maintaining social contacts, and spending time constructively by reading and gardening (Pettigrew & Roberts, 2008)

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