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More than 2,650 people responded to the Relationships Australia online survey in November 2016.  Around three-quarters of survey respondents (76%) identified as female, with more females than males responding in every age group (see figure 1 below).  More than eighty-five per cent of survey respondents were aged between 20‑59 years, and almost 40 per cent of respondents comprised women aged between 30-49 years (inclusive).

As for previous surveys, the demographic profile of survey respondents remains consistent with our experience of the groups of people that would be accessing the Relationships Australia website.

There were significant differences in the reports of men and women when they were asked about marriage equality.  Almost 90 per cent (89%) of women and 72 per cent of men reported that they though same‑sex couples should be allowed to marry (figure 2).  More than 20 per cent of men and 7 per cent of women thought same‑sex couples should not be allowed to marry.

Survey respondents were more likely to express uncertainty when asked whether there should be a conscience vote or plebiscite/referendum on the issue of same-sex marriage.  More than 60 per cent of men and women indicated that they supported a conscience vote in parliament on the issue of same-sex marriage, while more than 20 per cent of women and 11 per cent of men were unsure (figure 3).

The majority of survey respondents did not support a plebiscite or referendum on the issue of same-sex marriage (figure 4).

The majority of survey respondents also reported that they thought same-sex marriage was inevitable (women - 85%, men - 75%).

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