Elder Relationship Services

If families are given the support and tools to work together, overcome differences and respectfully resolve conflict, the interests, health and safety of their elders and other family members can be met and protected.

Our Elder Relationship Service provides therapeutic family counselling and mediation support to assist older people and their families to prevent or resolve family conflict, plan for the future (including medical, health, financial or living arrangements), resolve differences in ways that improve their relationships, and make decisions that protect the interests, rights and safety of all family members.

You can attend the service on your own, with your partner, as a family, or your children or parent(s) can come by themselves.

Attending the Elder Relationship Service is voluntary and confidential.

The decisions you make are not legally binding. If you would like to put your agreements in writing, your practitioner can assist you.

No referral is required but waiting times for an appointment can vary according to the current level of demand and your availability.

We are offering our Elder Relationship Services across an expanded number of sites. For information about our Elder Relationship Services near you, contact your nearest Relationships Australia office or via the phone numbers listed below:

Canberra Region and Wagga Wagga 1300 364 277
New South Wales Services coming soon
NT Service launching 1 September, 2018 1300 364 277
Queensland 1300 063 232
South Australia (08) 82234566
Tasmania 1300 364 277
Victoria 1300 364 277
Western Australia (08) 6164 0171




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