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Older Australians and Aged Care

Ready for Retirement?

When approaching any significant change in your life, preparation can go a long way in ensuring you’re ready for the road ahead. Transitioning into retirement can be exciting but also……

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Mental Health and Wellbeing
Why do lonely people visit the GP more often?

Why do lonely people visit the GP more often?

…S. A. (2016). Social group memberships in retirement are associated with reduced risk of premature death: Evidence from a longitudinal cohort study. BMJ Open, , e010164. [vii] Holt-Lunstad, J.,…

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Neighbours Every Day

Loneliness and neighbourhood identification

retirement, work restructuring, or illness) negatively impacts on mental well-being (e.g. Jetten, O’Brien, & Trindall, 2002) psychological interventions that target the development and maintenance of social group relationships to treat…

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The effects of partnering on friendships

…Life transitions such as starting school or university, entering the workforce, marriage, divorce, parenthood and retirement are associated with changes in core discussion groups Core discussion groups tend to be…

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Private: Family and Relationship Skills Courses

…their parents separation. Lifestyle transition Lifestyle transition courses are also available in some states including: becoming a parent for the first time; older relationships; managing grief; retirement and grand-parenting. Family…

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