In addition to our support services across the country, Relationships Australia provides training and a range of online resources

Support services

The Relationships Australia state and territory organisations offer a broad range of support services to individuals, families and communities throughout the country.

Family Relationship Services

We provide a range of services and programs as well as information and resources to help families at all stages of life.


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A Family Relationship Centre is a place where families can access information and advice on:

  • building and strengthening relationships
  • early intervention and prevention services
  • child-friendly services for families in conflict
  • family dispute resolution services
  • parenting plans
  • re-partnering and stepfamily arrangements
  • information and referral to other services.

Family Relationship Centres offer a range of services and programs to help families at all stages of their life including people starting relationships, those who want to make their relationships stronger, people with relationship difficulties and families who have separated.

Family Violence Prevention

A range of supports and services are available for people who experience/ have experienced violence and abuse and are seeking ways to ensure their safety, or to overcome the impact of this trauma.

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Counselling and other support is available for people who have experienced violence and abuse and are seeking ways to ensure their safety, or to overcome the impact of this trauma.

Programs, groups and courses are also available for people who have used anger, violence or abuse in their interpersonal relationships and want to find new ways of relating that do not harm others.  This support can help improve quality of life through positive and respectful relationships.

Services for Children and Young People

Relationship Australia provides a range of services supporting children and young people to have safe, happy and healthy lives.

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Across Relationships Australia’s services, our practitioners are informed by the latest evidence and research for the protection and promotion of children’s well-being.

In addition to incorporating the views and needs of children and young people in our broader suite of family services, we also offer a range of programs designed to promote and enhance children’s well-being and are proud to offer Children’s Contact Services in a number of locations nationally, offering safe and positive contact arrangements for children whose parents are separated.

Services for older Australians

Providing services for older Australians to protect their health, safety and wellbeing.

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Relationships Australia’s Services for older Australians assists older people and their families to prevent and resolve family conflict, have difficult conversations, plan for the future (including medical, health, financial and living arrangements), improve communication skills, make decisions that protect the interests, rights and safety of family members and reduce the risk of elder abuse, including emotional and financial abuse.

If families are given the support and tools to work together, overcome differences and respectfully resolve conflict, the interests, health and safety of older people and other family members can be met and protected.


We provide family and relationship counselling as well as a range of specialist counselling services.

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Relationships Australia employs experienced and qualified counsellors Australia-wide, who provide a range of counselling services including:

  • Family and relationship counselling
  • Counselling for divorced / separating couples
  • Online relationship counselling
  • Specialised counselling services

Workplace Services

We provide a range of counselling and other services specifically for the workplace.

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Relationships Australia provides a range of counselling and other services in the workplace.
Managing relationships well both at work and at home is important for wellbeing. Relationship difficulties in one area of our life, impacts on our ability to relate effectively in the other.

Relationships Australia members are leading providers of Employee Assistance Programs across Australia and can deliver tailored counselling and related services to meet the needs of Australia’s diverse business community.

Specialised Services

Relationships Australia provides a range of specialised counselling and other services to support individuals with their personal, emotional and social health and well-being.

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We offer a range of speciliased services to individuals and their families across the country.

We have extensive history working with individuals impacted by trauma, both past and present, and can provide support across a range of government funded programs, including Forced Adoption Support Services, Post Adoption Support Services, Find and Connect (Forgotten Australian) Services, Redress Support Services, Intercountry Adoption Family Support Services and services for those impacted by the Disability Royal Commission.

Our experienced team also delivers services to those impacted by problem gambling, including where gambling is affecting health, finances and relationships.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families

We provide specialist services in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Relationships Australia is committed to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, families and communities.
In supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities we have:

  • developed a cultural fitness training package for all Relationships Australia staff
  • established new ways to offer counselling and mediation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • created specific services in some states and territories, and
  • provided employment training programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people relevant to the community sector.

Many existing Relationships Australia services are used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. However, specialist services have been established in some places around the country.

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Training and Courses

Relationships Australia offers relationship courses and professional training across Australia.

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