Is gambling affecting your relationships?

Nov 30, 2014

Gambling can affect couple relationships and relationships with children, extended family, friends and work colleagues.

When gambling affects your health, your work, your ability to support yourself and your family, and when your partner, family, friends and colleagues are suffering because of it you have a serious problem.  Left untreated, your problem gambling could become a significant long term problem.

If you or your partner or a friend has a problem with gambling, help is available. In some states Relationships Australia has dedicated gambling help programs, but all Relationships Australia counsellors can help with aspects of the problem.

The support you need could include help to overcome an addiction, financial counselling and protecting the relationships with people you care about.  You can phone 1300 364 277 to find out about the support available close to where you live.

Telephone and online support is also available from: 1800 858 858 (24/7)

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