When is a good time to seek professional relationship help?

Dec 1, 2014

The sooner that you act on issues, the easier they may be to resolve.

If your relationship is in difficulty professional support can help you identify the issues and strategies to improve your lives. Family dispute resolution practitioners (family mediators) can work with you to define the practical issues and identify present and future needs.

Many people in a relationship need assistance at some time to:

  • help them deal with problems or difficulties in their relationship
  • improve communication
  • cope with a relationship that has broken down
  • help to change a relationship where there is violence and abuse.

If you are having difficulty in resolving conflicts, you can seek the professional assistance of a counsellor. Couples who are able to communicate effectively are more likely to be able to handle conflict constructively. A useful first step might be to attend a course or workshop on communication skills, or a relationship course for couples or parents.


Counselling ServicesRelationships Skills Courses, Family Skills – Parenting Courses, and Family Violence Prevention Services

Families who use or experience violence in their relationships should seek help urgently. Relationships Australia family violence services include:

  • individual, couple and family counselling, and support
  • groups for people who have been violated or abused
  • groups for people who have used violence or been abusive.

For more information on Relationships Australia services or to make an appointment, contact Relationships Australia in your state or territory on 1300 364 277.