Workplace relationships for employers

Nov 30, 2014

Harmonious workplaces are more productive and less stressful.  Losing skilled employees is also expensive.  Relationships Australia offers workplace services to assist employees and organisations with issues that may affect staff morale and work performance.

Issues affecting performance

For some employees, personal issues with a partner or former partner, children, parents, a death in the family or financial stress may impact their productivity or relationships with colleagues.

Other staff might be under stress due to their workload, a difficult team member affecting morale, bullying, organisational change or a re-structure.

Many organisations find that offering support to staff under stress either at work or at home more than pays off. Many organisations (both large and small) offer counselling for individuals (known as Employee Assistance Programs) and mediation for work colleagues in conflict.

Relationships Australia support

Relationships Australia can provide:

  • Employee Assistance Programs and mediation
  • informative talks on topics of interest to you and your staff
  • workplace groups
  • training for supervisors and managers, and
  • programs tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

To find out more about Workplace Services, or Employee Assistance Programs contact the Relationships Australia National Office:

Phone: 02 6162 9300