Family Connect – Connecting Families in Four Practical Steps

Dec 1, 2021 | Blog

Relationships Australia is proud to announce its custodianship of the popular Family Connect program aimed at increasing emotional well-being and encouraging families to connect in practical and meaningful ways.

The Program, created by Uplifting Australia, is a four step process which incorporates easy-to-use techniques designed to assist families in how they interact.

Speaking about the Program, CEO of Uplifting Australia, Garry Thomson said:

Our Family Connect program provides families with a healthy emotional system to implement at home which supports listening, appreciation, emotional literacy and self-responsibility for the family. Uniquely, the whole family learns these skills together to support great relationships and good mental health outcomes.

In transferring custodianship of the program to Relationships Australia, Uplifting Australia identified a close synergy between the Program and Relationships Australia’s long history as a leading provider of family and relationship support services.

“We hope that through Relationships Australia, Family Connect will be able to reach many more families and make emotional resilience a skill something that is learned by all” said Mr Thomson.

Relationships Australia is grateful to Uplifting Australia for the trust it has placed in us to continue building the important legacy of Family Connect. We have workshopped the Program with Uplifting Australia and are genuinely excited by the transformational nature of these simple but important tools for all Australian families.

At a time when relationships have been under great pressure, the importance of meaningful connection within families has never been more apparent. Through open, honest communication, respectful and sustainable relationships can be built and nurtured.

Relationships Australia encourages all Australians to make use of this Program, and to discover these practical tools for emotional wellbeing and resilience.

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