Funding Boost for Children’s Contact Services

Feb 3, 2013 | Blog

Relationships Australia would like to acknowledge the work of the retiring Attorney-General, Ms Nicola Roxon MP, who last week announced a $4 million funding boost into Children’s Contact Services, and to welcome the incoming Attorney-General, Mr Mark Dreyfus QC MP to the position.


The Government’s funding boost announcement for the 65 Children’s Contact Services across Australia was welcome news to Relationships Australia. Having a good relationship with both parents is important to children’s well-being.

Children are deeply affected by the separation of their parents, and Children’s Contact Services provide a safe haven for children whose parents are unable to manage the transition from one parent to the other or where there are concerns about a parent’s capacity to look after a child.

Chair of the Relationships Australia Board, Mr Mat Rowell said that separating couples have many decisions to make and issues to deal with, but the wellbeing of children must always come first.

“Courts sometimes direct that children see one of their parents under supervision. Children’s Contact Centres allow children and parents to spend time together under the guidance of professional staff who ensure that the children are safe and the relationship is given every chance to develop positively,” Mr Rowell said.

“Protecting children from conflict between their parents is vital – we know that children are harmed by exposure to violence and serious arguments.  The Children’s Contact Services protect many children. Unfortunately there are often long waiting lists to use the services, so the announcement of increased funding will make a big difference to many families and children.”

Media contact: Erin Gordon

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