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Children's Contact Service

The Children's Contact Service provides safe and positive contact arrangements for children whose parents are separated.

It's widely recognised that contact with both parents is important for a child's wellbeing and future development, following a family break-up (except in a small number of circumstances).

For some separated parents anger, hostility and fear make it difficult to manage contact and shared care arrangements. In some situations contact between a child and their non-residential parent ceases altogether. This can lead to confusion, insecurity and trauma for a child in the longer term.

The Children's Contact Service enables contact arrangements to occur with a minimum of stress both for children and parents. It can also help with establishing a relationship between children and parents when there has been a period of limited or no contact.

The Service provides:

  • supervised contact visits to enable the child and visiting parent to enjoy quality time together
  • facilitated changeover to enable the child to be transferred from one parent to the other at contact times without the parents meeting
  • separate appointments for both parents
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • an established children's centre with toys, games and equipment
  • experienced and qualified staff.

The advantages of using a Child Contact Service are that parents do not have to deal directly with each other; a relaxed, safe and neutral environment is provided for both children and parents; and that contact can be re-established with the support of a neutral third party.

The following Relationships Australia states and territories offer Children’s Contact Services.

Canberra and Region

New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia

Please note that Children’s Contact Services are not offered by Relationships Australia in Victoria. For a full list of Children's Contact Services visit Family Relationships Online.