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Survey Results Analysis

More than 1830 people responded to Relationships Australia’s online survey in February 2015.  Around four‑fifths of survey respondents identified as female, with more females than males responding in every age group (see figure below).  More than 90 per cent of survey respondents were aged between 20‑59 years, while more than 45 per cent of respondents comprised women aged between 30-49 years (inclusive).

As for previous surveys, the demographic profile of survey respondents remains consistent with our experience of the groups of people that would be accessing the Relationships Australia website.


When asked whether a current or former partner’s use of the internet or social media (eg facebook, twitter, chat rooms, blogs) had negatively affected their relationship, there were high levels of agreement from survey respondents.

Men and women reported different levels of negative effect on two of the three questions asked.  Almost one quarter (23%) of women and one-sixth (14%) of men reported intimacy problems because of their partner’s use of internet pornography.  In contrast, men were more likely to report that a current or former partner had breached their privacy (28%) than women (23%) through internet stalking or checking email.

There were no significant differences in the responses of men and women on the question relating to whether use of the internet negatively impacted on family time.  Of concern is the significant proportion (around 50%) of both men and women who indicated that there had been a negative effect on their relationship due to a current or former partner spending too much time on the internet instead of with them or their family.

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