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Social participation has been linked to the success and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities across a range of studies, with high levels of participation linked to better physical and mental wellbeing.  Social participation includes participation in both formal and informal groups, including involvement in community activities such as local events and clubs.

Particular factors have been found to be associated with increased community participation, including cultural background, socio-economic status, gender and age.  Structural and organisational factors have also been identified, including ease of access, transport, availability, cost, location, engagement with local stakeholders, and the quality and safety of facilities.

The focus of February’s online survey was to find out whether the social participation of visitors to the Relationships Australia website was associated with their assessment of the adequacy of local parks, community facilities and the safety of their local neighbourhood, and whether they identified with their local community or neighbourhood.

The community participation questions selected for February’s online survey were adapted from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics Survey of Australia.

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