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More than 2,000 people responded to the Relationships Australia online survey in February 2016.  Around four in five survey respondents (78%) identified as female, with more females than males responding in every age group (see Figure 1 below).  Just under eighty-five per cent of survey respondents were aged between 20‑59 years, and almost 40 per cent of respondents comprised women aged between 30-49 years (inclusive).

As for previous surveys, the demographic profile of survey respondents remains consistent with our experience of the groups of people that would be accessing the Relationships Australia website.


Men and women reported similar levels of participation for the two activities identified by the survey questions (Figure 2).  Just under two-thirds of men and women reported that they never, rarely or only occasionally attended events or meeting that bring people together, and a similar proportion reported that they never, rarely or only occasionally chatted with their neighbours.  Around one-fifth of survey respondents reported that they often or very often attended events or meetings that bring people together, or chatted with their neighbours, similar to reports from the February 2015 monthly survey on aspects of community participation.


Survey participants were also asked a few questions about their local community facilities and the safety of their local neighbourhood.  Respondents reported higher levels of agreement with statements that their community neighbourhood had good parks, playgrounds and facilities, than feeling a strong sense of identity with their local neighbourhood.  While two-thirds of survey respondents agreed that it was safe for children to play outside during the day in their neighbourhood, almost one-sixth (16%) strongly disagreed or disagreed with this statement (Table 1).

Table 1.  Assessment of the quality of facilities and safety of the local community/neighbourhood.


Strongly agree/agree

Neither agree or disagree

Strongly disagree/


There are good parks, playgrounds and play spaces in this community/neighbourhood.




There are good facilities in this community/neighbourhood (ie. community building, hall)




It is safe for children to play outside during the day.




You feel a strong sense of identity with your local community/neighbourhood.





Survey responses revealed a strong relationship between social participation and whether people identified with their local community/neighbourhood, felt it was safe, and had good local parks and facilities.  For example, people who were more likely to report a strong sense of identity with their local community or neighbourhood were also more likely to report that they often or very often chatted with their neighbours (Figure 3).


Similarly, survey respondents who reported there were good facilities in their local community or neighbourhood also reported more frequent attendance at community events (Figure 4).

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