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Australia has made some progress towards gender equality in recent decades, particularly in areas such as education where the proportion of women attending university now outnumbers men.  However, considerable disparity between the socio-economic circumstances of men and women remains evident in a number of areas.  Women continue to earn less than men, are less likely to advance their careers as far as men, and are more likely to spend their final years in poverty, with higher rates of dependence on government income support and lower superannuation balances.  Women are also more likely to spend a higher amount of time undertaking unpaid work.  At the same time, men often find it more difficult to access family-friendly policies or flexible working arrangements than women.

The focus of March’s online survey was to find out whether visitors to the Relationships Australia website reported differently on questions designed to test gender equality in decision making in Australian households.   The gender inequality questions selected for the March 2016 online survey were adapted from the Household Income and Labour Dynamics Survey of Australia.

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