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Why do lonely people visit the GP more often?

By Dr Tegan Cruwys and Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle
14 November 2018

Frequent visitors to general practitioners are likely to be socially isolated: living alone, divorced, or a member of few social groups. GPs may represent one of the few ways of connecting with another person who listens to them and tries to help.






Compassion, engagement and connection – how we end loneliness

Hugh MacKay
7 November 2018

As a society, Australia is becoming more socially fragmented than we have ever been, we are experiencing more anxiety, more emotional disturbance, more restlessness, perhaps even more depression. What can we do about this age of anxiety? Hugh Mackay has some answers.




Relationships Australia Loneliness Podcast

Alison Brook
31 October 2018

For our 70th Anniversary celebrations we invited social researcher and author Hugh Mackay, loneliness researcher Dr Tegan Cruwys, the founder of the Welcome Dinner Project Penny Elsley and CEO of Relationships Australia NSW Elisabeth Shaw to discuss the issue of loneliness with help from panel convenor journalist and author Caroline Baum.



The Australian experience of loneliness

Alison Brook
25 October 2018

One in six Australians is experiencing emotional loneliness, one in 10 lacks social support and just under 1.5 million people are reporting that they’ve been lonely for a decade or more – by any measure these statics are troubling.




Welcome to our Blog

Alison Brook
24 October 2018

Welcome to our Relationships Australia Blog.  We hope that you will join us here each week for a good read that kick-starts a broader conversation on the social issues that our community needs to be thinking about.



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