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Relationships Australia celebrates the launch of Phase 2 of Families Un-Locked

15 July 2021

To mark the launch of phase 2 of international research study Families Un-locked, our blog looks at some preliminary findings from phase 1 about the impacts of COVID-19 on families and relationships.


New Published Research Demonstrates that Neighbour Day's whole-of-community Approach Leads to Reductions in Loneliness

22 April 2021

Relationships Australia is pleased to announce that new research conducted in collaboration with the Australian National University has been published demonstrating that involvement in Neighbour Day leads to a tangible and sustained reduction in loneliness.


Families Un-locked: Relationships Emerging from COVID-19 into the “New Normal”

23 November 2020

Relationships Australia is proud to partner in an international long-term research study Families Un-locked: Relationships Emerging from COVID-19 into the “New Normal” led by Dr Gabriela Misca, an expert in child and family psychology at the University of Worcester in the United Kingdom, in partnership with Relate.  In collaboration with Griffith University researchers, the study is being now replicated in Australia and aims to understand these impacts across the two countries.


Relationships Australia can help you during COVID-19

11 May 2020

While the discussion surrounding COVID-19 can be conflicting and sometimes confusing, your experiences  are real. In whatever way coronavirus is affecting you, Relationships Australia is here to help.


Knowledge gaps about domestic violence leaving children at risk

7 May 2020

Concerns that COVID-19 social distancing requirements will exacerbate domestic violence reinforce the need to bridge critical knowledge gaps amongst front-line community and health workers, so they can recognise and respond to domestic violence to address children’s safety and mental health.


COVID-19 and supporting healthy relationships in Australia

9 April 2020

Relationships Australia acknowledges that right across the country, Australians are facing unprecedented times. We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and the strength we draw from each other, from our relationships and our wider communities, has never been more important.



Neighbour Day

2 October 2019

Relationships Australia is home of the year round community campaign Neighbour Day.  For 2019, the theme for Neighbour Day was ‘loneliness - what neighbours can do to create connections’. We challenged Australians to do whatever they could to create connections – and create connections they did! More than 290,000 people participated in more than 7,000 events across Australia.

To try to find out more about the impacts of Neighbour Day Relationships Australia commissioned two research projects.

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The mental health of my child – is there an app for that?

By Brad Morgan
17 July 2019

A new app to help parents strengthen their children’s resilience through improving parent-child relationships, emotions and behaviour, routines, communication, and support networks has been developed by Emerging Minds at the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

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70 years strong

Dr Andrew Bickerdike
3 July, 2019

The Marriage Guidance Council of Victoria was set up to deal with an increasing prevalence of divorce - and the impact this was having on families and society - in the wake of the Second World War.  Renamed Relationships Australia Victoria in 1992, the organisation has evolved to provide a wide range of relationship, mental health, behaviour change and education services to the Victorian community. A new history and video captures the evolution of the organisation.




World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2019

Paula Mance
12 June, 2019,

Saturday 15 June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Relationships Australia has been working with families who need help negotiating complex issues related to ageing and to reduce the incidence of elder abuse since 2016.

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Infant Mental Health Awareness Week

By Deborah Lockwood
5 June, 2019

Next week is Infant Mental Health Awareness Week and Relationships Australia South Australia is launching new free web-based resources and hosting two events – one of the events will be streamed live across Australia - to help increase infant mental health literacy.





National Sorry Day

By Mel Ruthen
29 May 2019

Sunday 26 May was National Sorry Day when Australia acknowledged the Stolen Generation. Relationships Australia South Australia has created a documentary in partnership with the John Hartley Primary School that explores what this day means for the school’s students.


Rebuilding from the inside out: Supporting children through a community trauma event.

By Nicola Palfrey
22 May, 2019

Children need distinct, tailored supports that address the unique needs of child mental health when experiencing a community trauma event. The Emerging Minds: National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health has developed a toolkit to help adults help children through these difficult times.

At some point in their life, every child in Australia is likely to be impacted by a traumatic event. Be it exposure to a natural disaster such as bushfire, cyclone or flood; living in a drought affected community; or being witness to an act of violence or an accident, traumatic events can have an impact on the mental health of babies and young children.

Even when not experienced firsthand, media coverage of such events elevates these realities in a child’s consciousness.


Relationships Australia calls for increased resourcing for family services

By Nick Tebbey
20 February, 2019

Relationships Australia has four priority asks for families needing family law services in this year’s Federal Budget:  more funding for Children’s Contact Services; national roll-out of the highly successful Family Advocacy Services; increased support for Legally Assisted and Culturally Aware Family Dispute Resolution Services; and reinstatement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander liaison workers in family court registries.


Finding companionship in volunteering

By Sonia Oke, Conservation Volunteers Australia and New Zealand
15 February, 2019

Having a task, some activity to do, working side by side in the outdoors with others and sharing a common goal all create meaningful connections, according to Conservation Volunteers Australia and New Zealand’s Sonia Oke.


Neighbour Day 2019 – Loneliness - what neighbours can do to create connections

By Sam Robinson, Neighbour Day Campaign Manager
30 January, 2019

Loneliness – what neighbours can do to create connections is the theme for Neighbour Day 2019. In our first blog for the year, Campaign Manager Sam Robinson shares her story about experiencing loneliness when moving to a new town and how through connecting with her neighbours she found new friends and a new community.


Sharing our dinner tables this Christmas

By Penny Elsley
12 December, 2018

Christmas can be a time of loneliness for many with no family or friends to share time, or a meal with. Welcome Dinner Project founder Penny Elsley gives some helpful advice on how to invite others to your table to share a meal over the holiday season.


Good choices

By (Rev) Karen Paull
5 December, 2018

Community is about what is best for all of us. Looking beyond ourselves produces a by-product of satisfaction and a reduction in anxiety. The Rev Karen Paull examines how we choose community over other temptations.





Loneliness is a health issue – how do we ensure programs to tackle it are successful?

Dr Michelle H Lim
28 November, 2018

Loneliness has many manifestations and presents differently across age groups and social groups. There is no one size fits all solution to tackling loneliness but we can start by destigmatising the issue.

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Loneliness and the transformative power of relationships – our 2017-18 Annual Report

Andrew Bickerdike
20 November 2018

Relationships Australia believes the transformative power of relationships is one of the keys to helping people experiencing loneliness to reintegrate into full social connection. In our 2017-18 Annual Report, you can read about how our services around the country work with people experiencing loneliness.



Why do lonely people visit the GP more often?

Dr Tegan Cruwys and Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle
14 November 2018

Frequent visitors to general practitioners are likely to be socially isolated: living alone, divorced, or a member of few social groups. GPs may represent one of the few ways of connecting with another person who listens to them and tries to help.






Compassion, engagement and connection – how we end loneliness

Hugh MacKay
7 November 2018

As a society, Australia is becoming more socially fragmented than we have ever been, we are experiencing more anxiety, more emotional disturbance, more restlessness, perhaps even more depression. What can we do about this age of anxiety? Hugh Mackay has some answers.




Relationships Australia Loneliness Podcast

Alison Brook
31 October 2018

For our 70th Anniversary celebrations we invited social researcher and author Hugh Mackay, loneliness researcher Dr Tegan Cruwys, the founder of the Welcome Dinner Project Penny Elsley and CEO of Relationships Australia NSW Elisabeth Shaw to discuss the issue of loneliness with help from panel convenor journalist and author Caroline Baum.



The Australian experience of loneliness

Alison Brook
25 October 2018

One in six Australians is experiencing emotional loneliness, one in 10 lacks social support and just under 1.5 million people are reporting that they’ve been lonely for a decade or more – by any measure these statics are troubling.


Welcome to our Blog

Alison Brook
24 October 2018

Welcome to our Relationships Australia Blog.  We hope that you will join us here each week for a good read that kick-starts a broader conversation on the social issues that our community needs to be thinking about.


Relationships Australia celebrates the launch of Phase 2 of Families Un-Locked

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